Why Get a Virtual Office for Your Startup or Online Business

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If you have a tech startup or an online business, you’re most likely doing most of your work right in your own bedroom, on a neighborhood cafe, or just about anywhere convenient. At one point, however, you might be asked by clients where you’re operating. Or maybe you’re ready to formally register your business. Does it mean that it’s time to reconsider your setup? Don’t move out and rent just yet! A virtual office might come in handy.

A virtual office is a setup where a leasing company would allow you to use their address for a fee. You can officially use their address even in your business registration and other transactions.

Because there’s actually no physical office space involved, you’re just going to pay minimal fees. In effect, you’re renting yourself a mailbox. It’s a great way for getting yourself a prestigious business address that you won’t otherwise be able to afford in the meantime.

Sounds great? Here’s when you should get a virtual office for your business:

You’re wooing big deals

From the perspective of your clients, a business address would make you more attractive to enter into contract with. Especially when you’re chasing after investment money, you might need to show a respectable business address. When perception matters, your contracts and other forms of communications should signal that you’re not a fly-by-night professional or a company that’s stuck in the middle of nowhere.

You’re receiving/sending important printed matter

Since you probably have your own mailbox cluttered with personal mails and bills, it would be easier to organize official business straight out of a virtual office. Picking up your mail on a regular schedule can help you organize better. On the other hand, should you also be sending corporate mail, then you’ll also naturally need to provide a return address.

You need someone else to screen incoming business calls

Some add-ons offered to those with virtual offices include getting an extension phone with reception support. Your calls get to a phone line, which then would be transferred to you. Having someone screen your calls could look like you have a dedicated secretary, which can provide you with more legitimacy.

Some virtual office providers bundle other value-added services such monthly use of a meeting room, regular socials with other businesses in the community, and the like. If you’re starting out in business, a virtual office provides you with a registered address without breaking the bank while you do your work wherever you like!


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