What I Learned From Marketing To Facebook Groups For My Cyber Business

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  • It’s a very time-consuming process that may get you banned from Facebook sooner or later. Believe me, I tried the same tactic in my early years as an online marketing consultant. Back then, Facebook was a lot more lenient. Now, it has grown a lot more intelligent in detecting spam.
  • It’s usually not worth the hassle. The effectiveness of marketing through Facebook groups can be computed as [# of active users per group (those who will actually see your posts)] x [# of groups you posted in]. What’s your time worth to you? If it’s more than Php 50 per hour, then it’s a lot more cost-effective to just advertise in Facebook to get more exposure for your products.
  • Getting banned from a lot of groups signals Facebook that you are a spammer. Ask yourself how much your personal profile worth is to you. If Facebook bans you, you lose all your contacts, leads and history, leaving you no choice but to start over again.
  • Spamming Facebook groups that are not related to your business gives a very bad reputation to your business and bad user experience to members of those groups. It’s an unethical practice and people will relate this to how you do business.
  • Facebook marketing is a lot cheaper in the long run. It gives you more exposure and a lot better targeting options than Facebook Groups (interest targeting in Facebook Ads).
  • Posting in Facebook groups dilutes the added reputation your business might get if you have all your marketing efforts concentrated in your business page, where anybody can see all likes, customer reviews, orders, etc.
  • Getting banned from Facebook groups because of spamming robs you of the opportunity of connecting with the members of these communities in a meaningful way and generating long-term results for your business. Members who are banned from a particular group will not be able to join the group again. It’s a long-term opportunity lost for a minuscule short-term gain.

So, if you are confident about your products and services and you don’t want to waste your time, take these learning into consideration and market wisely.


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