How Good Web Design Can Help Your Business Thrive

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The first thing your potential customer will probably do is visit your website. From that single visit, your customer will form opinions about your brand, product, or service. According to a Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab study, nearly half of all consumers (46%) said that a site’s design is the number one criteria when people are deciding whether a business is credible or not. If there is too much scrolling and clicking, or if the site is not well organized, the average consumer will navigate away after 60 seconds tops.

Anyone can build a website these days, but it takes a skilled specialist to build a site that looks polished and professional. One glance could turn someone into a loyal customer, or force a person to click away. If your company is looking into the possibility of designing a new site, here are some of the ways it will help your business grow.

Digital presence is everything

A survey from Visible Logic found that almost 90% of respondents take a look at the website of every new product they purchase. People will turn to the Internet to research your brand and formulate their opinions – sometimes even long before they make a direct contact with you. If you don’t have digital presence, you’re almost non-existent in the global market.

Branding and color

When it comes to trust, people usually rely on their instincts. In fact, people naturally read a situation and come up with an impression in no more than 50 milliseconds. People want something interesting to look at. When it comes to your brand, probably the first thing your customers will think of is your logo. That is why you need to find an experienced design team – your logo, and specifically its colors, leave a bigger impression on your clients than you might think.

Nearly 85% of customers cite color as the main reason they buy a particular product.

Ease-of-use as a deal-breaker

In the marketing world, every second counts. As a matter of fact, almost half of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. Usability is arguably the most important feature of your website. Straightforward navigation and fast loading speed are often achieved through simplification. While it might be tempting to put as much as information as possible on your homepage, you should rather encourage your visitors to click through to landing pages, where you can turn those visitors into leads.

How to hire the right web designer

  • Have a realistic budget. The cost of a design is based on the number of pages, the intricacy of the design, and any special functionality. Sure, there may be cheap designers out there, but the quality will be sacrificed.
  • Know what you want. Make a list of websites you like for their aesthetics, workflow, functions, and other customizations you like to help designers know what your tastes are.
  • Check out their portfolio. Reviewing a portfolio is the quickest way to determine if what they do suits your tastes and desires.
  • Ask for references. Make sure that you speak to designer’s previous clients. Find out whether or not they respect deadlines, how they communicate with their clients, etc.

With the industry growing daily, there are lots of self-proclaimed “experts” out there. Luckily, there are companies like MindArc digital agency, a group of experts from Sydney, that create websites with integrity and professional style. Professional touch actually shows, and you’re well aware of that. This is why most people simply modifies WordPress themes to their liking, and avoid making any additional changes (because those WP themes can get clunky really fast). Don’t lose your unique presence – in the digital world, it’s important to stand out.


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