Creating Likeable Content: 5 Tricks from Craft Masters

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To get your cyber business found online, you need likeable content. The challenge is that there’s really no formula that can guarantee if your content will ever reach its ideal users or deliver on its purpose. If you need inspiration on how to start, we’ve expounded on popular statements from some of the most prominent brand gurus, bloggers, and content marketers:

  1. We’re not in the Mad Men era anymore. Expensive campaigns from advertising agencies are routinely trumped by amateur content for most impact. Seasonal campaigns won’t cut it for today’s generation. Your customers are connected 24/7, and are from all over the world. To be convincing, you have to address their unique interests, pain points, and felt needs.
  2. 2-Buscal

  3. Going viral (the good kind) with your content is more a matter of chance than careful execution. Pulling PR stunts won’t work. People can detect what’s contrived, and they may even hijack your message. Start with a good reason for creating content. If you care enough about your message, the right people will eventually find and appreciate your content. They’re the ones who will contribute to your bottom line.
  4. 36-Diaz

  5. When have you ever actively searched for an ad? If you’re like most people, the answer is never. To get your prospective customers’ attention, you have to provide information that benefits them. The demand is for you to plan, research, and produce credible content – consistently.
  6. 37-Scott

  7. You’ve produced great content, yet people are not noticing. Hits are low; likes zero. Look no further for a reason: there are tons of equally compelling content out there. Sometimes it’s not about you – we all have limited time to engage with every post, video, or graphic. But what’s obvious should be: no amount of likeable content can sell a poor product or service.
  8. 11-McGovern

  9. People hate it when your call-to-action is irrelevant to them. To even stand a chance, it’s important that your ideal customers are properly segmented. That’s easy enough to do with available online tools. But equally crucial though is how you nurture a community that’s passionate about your products or services. You’ll find your true advocates from those who echo your brand values and story.
  10. 6-Godin


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