Code For Asia’s Code-a-Thon for Change

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Advocating for youth empowerment through education, specifically technical and computer skills, has been the driving mission of Code for Asia. Its founders have originally taught kids in traditional classrooms, remote villages, to where they would have waited for migrant-worker parents. From a Singapore-based society, it has now made wider impact across Asia.

It is in settings beset by chaos, scarcity, and fear that the organization wants to promote computer literacy. “In practical terms, this means that our coding classes are not just about technicalities and the mechanics of making an app but getting these children to believe in their abilities to create as well,” reads the mission statement of Code for Asia.

Why Coding?

Code for Asia believes that technology (or the lack of effective use of it) can be a source of much inequality. Learning how to code flattens the digital divide, since it gives the youth “new literacy that is richly rewarded in our Information Age”. Without proper guidance, kids can easily fall prey to mindless entertainment when they could be designing and making their own apps instead.

The Code-a-Thon

The Code-a-Thon is a learning-intensive experience where beginners and experienced programmers, designers and business people alike come together to develop app prototypes. The extended experience takes participants through a kick-off weekend, followed by a period of ongoing consultations and mentorship until they have submitted their entries online for judging.

Take part!

By participating, you can:

  • Code for change
  • Build your portfolio and learn new transferable skills with industry mentors
  • Receive feedback from esteemed judges
  • Win prizes and/or media mention

Entries will be judged holistically, whether they’re from a complete newbie or a hacker. There are two separate judging tracks: the “Pre-University” and the “University” levels. Anyone from outside of these categories can also join provided that their team (from 2 to 5) has at least 50% of members eligible in the chosen track.

This year, the Code-a-Thon’s regional theme is Technopreneurship for Gender Equality. The Manila leg will kick off on October 7 to 8. Click here to register. For more information, contact Kyle-Althea Santos of the Philippine Computing Organizations Alliance at


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