Best Money Management Apps for Cyberpreneurs

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Everybody uses smartphones and tablets these days, making them the perfect tools to accomplish tasks that ordinarily you can only do on your computer. Now, you can sign contracts, make presentations, edit movies, and even manage your finances just by using your phone.

Here are some of the best money management and savings apps which you can download that can help you with your finances.


This is an easy and simple budgeting app that allows you to track where your money goes and to plan for incoming expenses. Unlike other money management and budgeting apps, this one has a fun and nice-looking coin interface. It lets you create monthly budgets and manage your accounts, balances, and expenses without having to leave the app.

You can set reminders for upcoming payments, and export your data so you can view them on your computer. It also provides detailed statistics of your finances, which is very helpful in managing your finances. (iOS, Android – Free, Premium paid version.)


Fudget is a free app that lets you make simple lists of incomes and expenses. It’s very easy to add or edit items, and you can mark certain entries to repeat weekly or monthly. If you want your list to look a certain way, you can easily tap and drag to reorder entries. You can use different currency symbols, and it’s also very safe to use because it has a passcode lock and login.

There are several themes that you can choose from to make it look more personalized, and a calculator to help you compute without having to leave the app itself. If you want to export your data, there’s also that option available. (iOS, Android – Free.)

HomeBudget with Sync

If you want to get something more out of your budget and money management app, you can try HomeBudget with Sync. There’s a free and paid version (about ₱240). This app allows you to track your spending, record incomes, remind you of upcoming bills to be paid, and even provide you with an analysis of your finances. What’s great about this app is that you can include graphs and charts for illustration.

There’s also a great feature that allows you to sync your data with other family members’ so that you can share income and expense information and work on a single budget. With a low annual fee, you can easily apply for a BDO Shopmore Mastercard and enjoy all the great perks available at SM Malls. You can also use it to purchase the premium versions of these recommended apps and for other online transactions as well. (iOS, Android – Free, Premium paid version.)

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

This is a phone and web app that lets you create a budget, import bank account information, and track expenses. You can check balances straight from the app, and sync it across all devices to share financial information with your household. This way, everyone knows how much budget you have for the month. You can set a budget for each category and share this information so that your household members are informed when they go over budget. (iOS, Android – Free.)


With this app, you can enter the amount of money that you currently have on the app calendar and track all the expenses for the month using the different categories listed. You can see a graph of all your spending activities, which gives you a good analysis of your spending habits. You can repeat a bill every week or every month so that you also don’t skip a due date. In short, no more overdue credit card bills with this app. (iOS, Android – Free.)

Bill Tracker

Like Dollarbird, Bill Tracker is very handy when it comes to keeping a record of all your bills in one place so that you never skip a payment again. You can enter your billing information and be reminded 3 days before to make your payment. It’s a good way to budget your money on a monthly basis because it helps you take care of the bills first before you spend your money on anything else.

Most of these apps won’t cost you anything since they are free to download. However, if you want to maximize their full benefits, you have to purchase the premium version where you can access all of the features. It will cost you a small amount but if you consider the budget planning and saving advantages it provides, it’s definitely a good reason to get an HSBC credit card online and purchase the best app that fits your requirement. Being aware of your financial standing and having control of your spending as soon as you can, will enable you to have a more relaxed situation in the long run. (iOS – Paid version.)


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