5 Ways to Have Fun While Working from Home

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Who says that you cannot have the time of your life while working from home? Working from home is undoubtedly fun! With more than six years as a cyberpreneur, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. But nevertheless, about 70% can be linked with F-U-N. True story. So yeah, here’s my list of things to do or things to think about to have the best-est days as an online entrepreneur.

1) Define fun

What does “fun” mean to you? Get clear with it and work from there. We surely have various perspectives, so what might be fun for me might be different from you. I might envision fun as curling up with a nice book or you might consider heading to the beach to spell “fun”. Mull over this for 10 minutes. Right down your answer.

2) Integrate passion with fun

What is it about passion that makes people tick? And how is it connected with fun? Well, passion is all about what excites you. It’s all about what keeps you up at night without complaining at every bit of it. Whatever that is, keep at it. You’ll be amazed that work, when considered your passion, becomes stress-free.

Passion is all about what excites you. It’s all about what keeps you up at night without complaining at every bit of it.

3) Get YouTube-ing

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then surely videos are worth gazillions. Having said that, try exploring Google’s very own YouTube to locate your most loved tunes, TEDx talks, film trailers, and more. After all, you’re mostly online. Got some minutes to spare? Take a break, learn how to play the ukulele, or just relax with autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos (videos emphasizing on sounds that make you feel good, such as gentle whispering, tingly objects, and more).

4) Set weekly ‘kapihans’ from home

Invite your friends to have coffee from home, or even lunch, dinner, merienda, picnics, whatever. Being a digital worker does not mean you have to seclude yourself from your peers. Moreover, you have to be creative to still keep in touch with your loved ones and friends. Set aside time to mingle with them. As you can see, being a cyberpreneur allows you to have flexibility in terms of schedules. Grab this opportunity by having mini reunions every now and then. This would surely do you and your friends’ lives wonders.

5) Find online communities and participate in them

Online communities such as Facebook groups, fora, and others are meant to keep their members in touch. If you can’t meet your fellow freelancers in person just yet, the Internet is your haven for everything socialization and fun. Ask and you shall receive. Got a question? Your online peers might just have the answers. Want to party the virtual way? Not a problem, for you may do so. Sky’s the limit. Explore your meaning of fun while interacting with like-minded peers online.

As you can see, experiencing pleasure while working from home is not that hard. When you feel down, no need to look further, for there are countless ways to get that adrenaline pumping… even without stepping out of your humble abode.


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