5 Things Playing Pokémon Go Can Teach Cyberpreneurs

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Pokémon Go is nothing short of a worldwide craze. For the uninitiated, the game requires you to be alert to spot Pokémons and catch them with Poke Balls. There are stubborn Pokémons that can use up your Poke Balls and escape when captured. To get more balls and other helpful items (such as potions and eggs), you have to find Poke Stops.

But there’s more to it than just an AR-enabled game. It’s turning out to be a business opportunity as well, especially for brick-and-mortar businesses such as restaurants. For cyberpreneurs, there are also great lessons to learn. Here are some.

1. Take more of the same to evolve

A Rattata again? You may think you’re getting more of the same, and might even be tempted to pass up such leads. However, like your Pokémons, you can only evolve into something bigger and stronger if you’ve paid your dues (not necessarily with candies). For now, you may be struggling with your seventh blog post for a client about Creatine health benefits. But one day, you might have an online PR empire of your own to run.

2. Bring opportunities to where you are

You can get the same opportunities without going out (literally). Like using incenses to lure Pokémons to your place, you can take advantage of the many online tools that can widen your opportunities and even grow your customer base. Especially with effective web content, you can attract potential customers to your website or page and turn profit from their visit.

3. Cut for the potential to grow

Like with any inventory, quality trumps quantity. In the long run, holding on to more things can weigh you down. That’s why in the game, it’s good to transfer Pokémons you don’t need (specifically, duplicates) to Professor Willow. In return, you’ll be rewarded with handy items that you can use to power up or evolve your Pokémons. It’s the same in business: trading and going lean should be part of your winning strategy.

4. Be patient and put in work

Patience is needed when playing Pokémon Go. Take hatching eggs, for example. You need to put in the work (walking ten kilometers!) and wait for the reveal. As with closing deals, you can only hope for the best. Again, it could be another Rattata that hatches! You can’t catch a Pikachu if you’re darn lazy.

5. Get battle-tested

Competition can’t be avoided in business, and may even be more cut-throat online. But instead of being on the defensive, you can train and focus on your strengths. After getting at a certain player status (level 5) in Pokémon Go, you’re able to join a team and battle in gyms. Attack and dodge, win or lose. You can always “heal” or “revive”. While at it, the important thing is to get more experienced for the bigger battles ahead!


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