5 Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Food Business

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In today’s vibrant online market, it’s not enough to create content for your customers and audience through your website or blog. There needs to be an interaction done to establish your brand as a thought leader and as a trustworthy creator of yummy treats.

But how do you reach your audience effectively at social media? Here’s a low down of some tips that you can use:

1) Take great photos of your products.

The first impression you make using your products will be the first step of convincing potential customers to buy it.  This can be done by hiring a professional photographer to take art-directed shots of your food to make it appetizing on social media.

For a more budget friendly approach,  you can get inspiration from food photographers online and take your own shots. Many free photo editing apps are available for smartphones to help you post-process your shots in an instant. This is also convenient since you can upload it immediately upon shooting and post-processing.

2) Follow influencers, media, and potential customers who fall under your target market.

Doing this can not only make these people notice your brand, it can also help you gauge what type of content they like and share to their followers. This is a great way to research and refine your content.

3) Promote user generated content to establish a relationship with your potential customers.

One great way to do this is identify hashtags that your target market is using in social media and tracking this for great content that you can cross post at your own channels. People love to be recognized and featured and will probably share this feature with their network.

Just a word of caution, ask permission first before featuring content from somebody else or tag them when you post so they will get notified.

4) Join In Conversations Online That Is Relevant to Your Brand

Using social listening tools can help you know what your target market is talking about and how you can jump in the conversation. A word of caution: don’t jump in and promoting your product right away. Naturally engage in the conversation and give tips. Provide value first before asking potential customers to check out your product.

5) Determine the best time to post your content.

So now you know who to talk to and have great content to share, but you just post it whenever you’re free or when you feel like it. So many brands are competing for the attention span of consumers online and not knowing when your target market is online may lead to your great content being left unnoticed.

One trick to do this is testing different times of posting and checking the Analytics after a week or two. You will have a pulse and solid figures on when most of your fans / followers are online which is when you should post your content.


Using these techniques can help you organically market through social media and reach potential customers to let them know of your great products!


Note: A version of this article was originally published in Sukitrade.


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