5 Practical SEO Tips To Boost Your Online Business

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The website for your online business is not just about selling. It’s also for finding the right customers, influential people, and other websites that can promote you.

Your marketing team should be spot on in finding online opportunities for maximizing exposure of your products or services. But how can they do this?

Here are some actionable steps from the speakers of PeepCon 2016, the Philippines’ premiere search engine optimization conference organized by GDI Online Marketing. The event featured internationally acclaimed SEO experts such as Mike King, Dan Petrovic, Jon Cooper, and Jason Acidre.

UX signals search engine about the quality of your content.

User experience (UX) is a big indicator for search engines if you have a high quality website that they should rank higher for related keywords to your business. If you have your own e-commerce site, build your customer journey in the most convenient way.

Do you have all the information that customers need in one page, or do they have to jump to different pages just to find relevant content? They may also leave your website because it takes too long to load, which is a big consideration due to the internet speed in the Philippines.

Stop Piñata marketing by checking your data.

Failing to analyze data related to your marketing efforts can make you lose money instead of gaining more.

The great thing about digital marketing is that data on results can be easily and quickly tracked through analytics. Indicators such as time on site, click-through rate, and heat maps (for images and pages) to see where people are most engaged are readily available.

Use insights from analytics as a guide to optimize advertising campaigns and SEO strategies. With such data, you’re able to recalibrate your campaigns. It’s a huge differentiator compared to above-the-line (ATL) or below-the-line (BTL) marketing.

Do not ignore huge issues. Doing new tactics to cover for them will not work.

Do you have an SEO expert who you push to make your website #1 on your target keywords? If he or she says this is not possible because of broken pages in your websites or because your vertical page lacks content, do not ignore it.

Remember that just like any other business, everything must work well together to achieve your goals. You cannot just rely on SEO to do the job for you. You have to make sure that your web design and the operational aspects of your business are also managed correctly.

Analyze the #1 search result on your target keyword so you can outrank it.

Targeting keywords at search engines can help a lot in exposing your brand to potential customers. For most businesses, ranking #1 is the first indicator of success in this.

If you are not #1 yet, take time to study the website who ranks #1. Check details such as UX, richness of content, back links from reputable websites, and keyword targeting that they used.

Formulate a plan on how to outdo your competitors, and execute as fast as you can because ranking signals will not make your page #1 overnight. It will take time to reach your goal, so act now to speed up the process.

Track reasons for rejection of outreach promotions and improve on them.

Keep track of why influencers and bloggers reject you. This may be because:

  • Your outreach is generic, and does not match their personality
  • You targeted people who don’t have anything to do with your product
  • You didn’t follow up so your outreach email got shoved down their inboxes

Use these tips from the SEO experts to help you get more traffic on your website. If you have tips you want to share, put them at the comments sections below!


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